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We are Estonian Wildnest Resorts. We provide travellers with active and authentic time in Estonia, without the worries of logistics or discomfort. We lead multi-day journeys for those who want to experience nature and culture personally.

Our journeys are multi-day treks on bike, foot, or other human-powered means of transportation that allow our travellers to engulf themselves in their surroundings.

We believe in bringing people closer together by giving them worry-free time with nature, culture, and each other.

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Estonian National Park Experience

${i18n('location')} Lahemaa ${i18n('pricing')} 999€ per person ${i18n('duration')} 2 Days

Experience the wild beauty of Lahemaa National Park from the full comfort of our luxurious nomadic wilderness camp set up in the heart of the park. We will hike in the magical forests and then cycle to the camp. After sweating it out in our special tent sauna, you are treated to a gourmet dinner made on spot by our chef. Wake up to birdsong for morning yoga, then choose from exclusive activities like kayaking through a Soviet submarine base, safari to an isolated island, a bog hike, or a craft workshop on a farm.

Estonian Wilderness Experience

${i18n('location')} Kõrvemaa ${i18n('pricing')} 999€ per person ${i18n('duration')} 2 Days

Immerse yourself deep in the wilderness of Northern Kõrvemaa. Begin the day with an invigorating hike in the bog, then cycle through forest to our luxurious nomadic wilderness camp, where you will have the full comforts available to you in a rustic, wild setting. Relax in a tent sauna as a gourmet meal is prepared on-site in our mobile kitchen. Share stories around a campfire before bedding down in your safari tent under a starry sky. Next day, you have a canoe adventure in the morning and a variety of activities to choose from in the afternoon, including kayaking trips, farm visits and island safaris. Or you can always just choose to relax in the comfort of our camp, taking short walks to nearby serene nature.

South Estonian Wilderness & Sauna Experience

${i18n('location')} Setomaa ${i18n('pricing')} 1599€ per person ${i18n('duration')} 3 Days

For seekers of the remote and the unique, we will transport our luxurious nomadic wilderness camp to South Estonia and set it up next to an old wooden smoke sauna, a tradition preserved in UNESCO heritage. As you follow, you will get a tour of Estonia's cultural capital Tartu on the way, before indulging in the smoke sauna ritual followed by a gourmet dinner by our expert chef. The next day is all for exhilarating nature and fascinating culture in the kingdom of the Seto people near the Russian border, who have preserved their unique old traditions. We will explore this truly off the beaten track paradise by minibus, bicycle, and on foot.

Estonian Wilderness & National Park Experience

${i18n('location')} Kõrvemaa and Lahemaa ${i18n('pricing')} 1599€ per person ${i18n('duration')} 3 Days

If you either want to unwind in nature for longer or try even more activities, this three-day wilderness experience is perfect for you. Our luxurious nomadic wilderness camp will be set up in a peaceful location deep in the forest for three whole days, allowing you to forget your worries as you relax in our comfortable bedded tents with the smell of pine surrounding you. After hiking and biking to the camp on the first day with a sauna and dinner finish, you can choose a more relaxed time for two days with short wanders around, full-on active days in Lahemaa National Park and Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve with hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, island and farm visit options, or a combination of one lazy and one active day - either way, there is the pleasure of a sauna, dinner, and campfire in the camp every evening.

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